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  • Blue Ocean Aquarium

 Blue Ocean Aquarium

Sea Turtle Aquarium
Sea Turtle Aquarium






Waterfall Animation

Animated Wallpapers have different screen size settings, with option to hide icons, auto turn on or manual settings.


  • Niagara Falls III

 Marine Aquariums

 Fresh water Aquariums


 Forest Scenes

 Lake and Mountains

 Beach Scenes

Moo Lit Waterfall

Moon Lit Waterfall

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Animated Wallpapers and Screensavers for Windows

We all are working hard and hardly have time to travel far away from home to relax and enjoy what natures has to offer such as enjoy the natural sights and sounds of a waterfall, like the Niagara Falls, soft coral reef or anything else nature has to offer. But with animated wallpapers you can enjoy it closer to home, right on your desktop. You are invite to download a free trial copy and try it out before you decide to purchase. The registration code and a full version download links will be sent to you via email within the hour of your purchased.

Please note before ordering: If you have downloaded a trial copy from other shareware sites and decide to purchase and full version please make sure you have the latest version by download it again from our web site otherwise the registration code will not work.

Also, please make sure that you check the email box that you have provided us at the time of your purchase as we attempt to deliver the Key or Registration code to you the moment you make purchase and check your Spam email box.

A bigger screenshot is good but a full 15 days trial with looks and feel is better so we suggest that you download a free trial and try out before you decide to make purchase.

For better sights and sounds we suggest that you try to experiment by hook up your PC or laptop to your prized and proud investment, the big screen TV via the HDMI input and you can turn your TV into a mini ocean.

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free animated wallpaper

               Free Animated Wallpapers for Windows  

    Soft Coral Sea ($19.95)    Dolphins Aquarium ($14.95)    Niagara Falls III ($14.95)

Soft Coral Sea

Features crystal clear blue ocean with live soft coral, clown fish, stingray, star fish, butterfly fish

 Purchase Soft Coral Sea

Dolphins Aquarium

Features Dolphins and calves frolic in crystal clear blue water, seems to enjoy the current and bubbles, accompany by sea turtle

Dolphins Aquarium Wallpaper 

Niagara Falls III

Features Niaraga Falls center front view, Bald Eagles, Seagulls, Butterflies

Purchase Niagara Falls III

  Blue Ocean Aquarium ($14.95)    Sea Turtle Aquarium ($14.95)     Moon Lit Waterfall ($14.95)

Blue Ocean Aquarium

Features stingray, Orca, Dolphins,butterflies fish

Blue Ocean Aquarium

Sea Turtle Aquarium

Features Sea Turtles and babies turtle,and Marlin with multiple screen settings

 Sea Turtle Aquarium

Moon Lit Waterfall

Features the waterfall from the arctic with Polar Bear and Seagulls, with multiple screen settings

 Moon Lit Waterfall wallpaper 

    Ocean 1 ($14.95)  Undersea World Aquarium ($19.95)   Ha Long Bay 2 ($14.95)

Ocean 1 Wallpaper

Features Morey eel, Purple Tang, yellow Clown Powder Blue Tang, Butterfly Fish, and other topical fish, with multiple screen settings, auto on or off

 Ocean Wallpaper

Undersea World Aquarium

Features different cpesies of Butterfly fish, Rock fish, Star fish, Black clown, and Sea Turles, with multiple screen settings, auto on or off

 Undersea World Aquarium 

Frr wallpaper Ha Long Bay 2

Ha Long Bay 2 features one of hundreds famed jagged rock islands of Ha Long Bay from Viet Nam with 3D UFO, Seagull, Birds, and shark.

 free wallpaper download

 Ha Long Bay 3 ($14.95)  Discus Tank ($14.95)  Goldfish Aquarium ($14.95)

Ha Long Bay wallpaper

Ha Long Bay 3 features one of hundreds famed jagged rock islands of Ha Long Bay from Viet Nam with 3D UFO, birds, the rocks formation resemble the 2 cocks are fighting (legendary known as Fighting-cocks) in a crystal-ball display.

free wallpaper download

Discus Tank

Features different species of discus fish including Albino Discus, Tangerine, yellow Discus, Marlboro red Discus, Pigeon Blood Discus in a mimic crystal clear water of the Amazon river with Amazon Sword plants.

Discus Tank

Goldfish Aquarium

Goldfish Aquarium features Crown Goldfish, Chinese Goldfish, TelescopeEye Goldfish, Tamasaba Goldfish, Ryukin Goldfish, and many others beautiful goldfish species.

Goldfish Aquarium

 Fancy Goldfish ($14.95)  Arowana Deluxe Aquarium ($19.95)  Mandarin Fish Aquarium ($19.95)

Fancy Goldfish wallpaper

Features Lionchu, Oranda, Panda Moor, Pearlscale, Pompom.

Fancy Goldfish wallpaper

Arowana fish

Features highly prized Green and Blood red, Silver, and Black Arowana.

Red Arowana

Mandarin fish

Features colorful Mandarin Fish, Moorish Idol, Tang and many others.

  Madarin Aquarium

 New Zealand Waterfall ($11.95)  Stop Lights Game ($11.95)  Amazing Maze ($10.95)

New Zealand waterfall

Features waterfall with ambient sounds of birds and frog.

Waterfall download

Puzzle Game

Features Puzzle game of stop lights similar to the Rubik's puzzle. Get this APPS for Android device click here.

Puzzle PC game

Amazing Maze puzzle game

Amazing Maze puzzle is a receation of the Corn's Maze that created by creative farmers throught-out North America during the hot summer months that attracks thousand of tourists.

Amazing Maze puzzle

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